Delirious Tales

by Inkvisitor

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released April 14, 2014



all rights reserved


Inkvisitor Jyväskylä, Finland

Inkvisitor is a thrash metal band founded 2012 in Jyväskylä. First EP Delirious Tales was released in 2014, debut album Doctrine of Damnation was released in August 2015.

During 2016 the band went through serious line-up changes. In 2017 Inkvisitor had a new line-up and entered the studio to record its second full length. Initial release is planned in early 2018.
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Track Name: Black Vomit
Black Vomit

verse 1

One of those days at school again
old lady nagging some shit at home
Flat tire on my way to liquor store
Still got the bottle but now I'm broke

Heading back home, got to call some friends
Serious beer pressure rising
No time for mixers, nail it down straight
Time to head out downtown!


Today's the time, now we get wasted!
It ain't no candy and that's for sure
Now quit pussy footing around

The black booze is flowing down my throat
My brain cells are about to DIE!
Feel the rumble inside my belly
Something's bout to come out...


Violent convulsions running thru my body
There is no escape from the BLACK VOMIT

Lose your lunch and Tango with the toilet
There is no holding back for the BLACK VOMIT


Verse 2:

The Party is boring and I am hungry
let's go grab some burgers boys!
inside the joint i'm hurling again
now I'm redecorating the place
black pools of upchuck flooding the table
I'm burping to the ninth power
I guess it's time to get outta here
just before the second round



my body says stop but the mind ignores
Pass the bottle, and give me some more!
tossin' cookies and blowing chunks
this where the fun starts

Plastered beyond recognition
black vomit dripping on the floor
party is growing even more
but the bathroom is the place for me
Track Name: Faces of Belméz
Verse 1

Have I had the slightest bit of foolish and hopeless superstitions
Cutting my sanity only to fit
And to complete All of lifes missions
Still under my feet
Deep in a solid concrete I find forgotten faces With pairs of dead eyes
With a denying mind
I smash their faces in Put an end
To those haunting smiles


The simple law of ancient cavemen Pure rage against my mind
These horrifying images
Obledged again to smite

Verse 2

By these paranormal beings I now have lost track
Of what's right
Tearing down
My own house
To hit the bastards Where they dwell

Verse 3

Dead Faces Forgotten tombs Spirits and souls Soar in me
Restless ghosts Fear of the unknown Damnation I am Forced to see
Pathetically afraid
I swing back and forth Trying not to let those Eyes haunt my every step
I foresee them Burning in hell Cursing with my Final testament
Before they lie
Rot in the ground
I will not rest
I'll put my soul to the test
With a self confident mind I take my own life
With revenge on my mind I start the final fight


The faces of Belméz
Will haunt me until I die
Then I take them with me to see What's on the other side
Track Name: Offspring Denied
Verse 1

The festering little seeds of this thing known as life
All the ones you had in your possession
For these protected beings you don't have to fight
They are torn completely apart and don't breathe anymore


Finding yourself abruptly
Cut from below
Showering from the wound Breaks apart reaching the bone
Nothing to lose anymore
No longer a man
Now witness the end of your line The end of your real life

Verse 2

Missing between your legs
A certain feeling of emptiness is present Seeking cure, not finding any
For it to work, you need to concieve
You've lost your breeding machine No one will ever fancy you again
The will to live has gone
Let's see how long you'll hang around


You've lost everything No longer a man Rest in pieces
Track Name: Lumberjack Blues
Verse 1

Using a tool, cut out and presume
Watch out the falling debris from above Toss away all the growth so precious Gather everything that comes from below
With withering hands reaching out to the sun Little grace is known, the clearing has begun On top of the roots going deep in the ground An unjustified doom to the life givers is bound

Verse 2

Abusing the harshness of motorized steel Clearing a path to sin and transciense
The gifts and givers of life have been torn down Across the lands and continents


Cutting down the trees of life
By our own hand
Cutting down the growth on the earth And not giving a fuck


Total ignorance to the warnigns we've witnessed Their heads are on the table who started this Only a portion of life will survive
Trust no one but your own insight
Track Name: Delirious Tales (Night of the King Lizard)
Verse 1

Rude awakening after a blackout and a passout
Hidious slut misses the bowl, barfs all over me
Have to split, lightning fast, drinkers remorse, hits the face Sweats like a rapist, hanging like Saddam
Back in my crib, I try to sleep, I close my eyes, I cannot remember And still I cannot forget
Drinking binge ended now too soon
I pay the price, The hissing has started, they are crawling out


Morbid nightmares, vicious visions The king lizard haunts me
Sleep paralysis I cannot move, I cannot wake up
It's feeding time
I can smell the stench of the rotting maw, I can't escape The king lizard is closing in
I've been cornered Inside my mind, I will be consumed
The Dragon devours me

Verse 2

Blitzkrieg alcoholocaust Backfires Delirium ensues
My mind is crashing down
I'm losing my mind
I can't escape regret and remorse I can't undo the dirty deeds Delirium deepens
Entering the lizard disco Is this real or is this dream I cannot tell
The hissing Grows louder Dragons of the remote island
Are swarming
Under my bed they are gathering

Verse 3

Mentally rotting inside out The lurking demon awaits me How to survive, I do not know Begging someone to justify

Covered in my vomit Battling the rapist Confessing my dirty deeds Wishing everyone else away
I can't escape the lizard
There's no end to this hell
But something eary makes me dream Disguises me as a prey


Until death
This maelstrom
Drowning me
The night of the lizard And my end has come