Doctrine of Damnation

by Inkvisitor

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released August 17, 2015



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Inkvisitor Jyväskylä, Finland

Inkvisitor is a thrash metal band founded 2012 in Jyväskylä. First EP Delirious Tales was released in 2014, debut album Doctrine of Damnation was released in August 2015.

During 2016 the band went through serious line-up changes. In 2017 Inkvisitor had a new line-up and entered the studio to record its second full length. Initial release is planned in early 2018.
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Track Name: Damnation
Let's go!
Apathy growing stronger everyday
Eyes locked on screen all day long
Ears blocked by the mainstream radio
Your cry for help is left unheard
I no longer can speak my mind
Someone hurt their feelings
Society harboring the weak minds
Word of the day is fear

WELCOME to the damnation
Where the free thinking is denied
Corporations and governments
Tell you how to live
This is the damnation
Where the ignorant judge you
And the incompetent will decide your fate

Ignorance is bliss, don't get involved
Common sense now uncommon
Censorship is greeted with applause
Talk about nonsense, don't mind about the facts
Argument is overheating
Time to get offended!
Your voice remains unheard

- Solos Huttunen & Kämäräinen

Track Name: nataS ageM
Behold the old element of chaos
Ancient and almighty he has been forever
Since the dawn of time before the gods
Creator of the universe, the power behind everything
Holds no form, still he is enormous
Holds no place yet he is everywhere
The concept of good and evil, human mind deluted
Chaos holds no morality

The power of nature, pure anarchy
The reign of eternity and absolute
Lord of destruction, original chaos
He is the one true MEGA SATAN

No puny god nor the devil himself
Can match his might, holy books long forgotten
His sigil is S, his banners are red
Whoever opposes perishes in imminent defeat
Many have challenged, none have won
Even the time itself runs out on itself
Mankind will fade, Earth will be dust
The universe collapses and his reign goes on

- Solo Kämäräinen

In the end of time
The ultimate chaos prevails Fabrics of reality tear apart
And all existence dissolves

- Solo Kämäräinen
Track Name: Abduction at Night
A portal to the far beyond has been opened
All have gathered to witness the harvest
Finally the mind of the wise leader is poisoned
Let's put the puny races to the test!
Brainwash all the weak
Show them our might
Do not stop until all is bleak
They came in the black of night, in utter darkness
Their means of destruction were ruthless
We were to be enslaved
To be taken to the far reaches
Our new destiny was to be their bitches

Where no living thing can survive Swiping our minds
From all aquired knowledge
To be probed like insects

- Solo Huttunen

Malevolent beings of wisdom and power
Gorging in the earth
Digging lower and lower
Transforming the planet into a big plantation
With us being the main source of energy for the entire creation
The human bodies serving as shells to provide sport
And because we were overpopulated
On us they will never run short
Mankind as we know it will never be the same again
Thank God we no more have to use our brain

To thee we pray
Do not let these abducters stay

In the absolute cold lies every species' weakness
Even they can't be entirely motionless
Distract and strike
Show them our might
Depressurise and prevail
And in the end drink a nice cold ale!

Where no living thing can survive
Swiping our minds from all aquired knowledge
But reveal mankind's strength
And rise up victorious
Track Name: Three Phases of Disembodiment
Oh fuck!

A time of self-indulgence has begun
Our enemies are united as one
Accursed people with no sense of love
Tremendous forces from below and above
Furiously marching, scorching the earth
To nothing but evil will they give birth
At this bloody hour we have to step forth
Alert our army from south to north!

Into the great unknown
With a pure, just cause
To defeat these racist, sadist, fascist pigs!
All right?

Plowing our way through the enemy lines
To break their twisted morale in their minds
A cry for peace against a cry for war
And the first one wins the fucking draw
Relentless firing, bloody spears
And corpses starting to rot
Accompanied by an anger for selfish men
That's what this battle's made of

Into a gory field
Across a million dead souls
To slay the conservatives
Removing all traces from the past
Dictators of the old world
They can lick my sack!

By the blessing
Of every single god of war
Comes our enemies' long hoped demise
After a decade of killing falls their tremendeous sword
And the reign will change
A green sun will rise

- Solo Huttunen

Cut their heads, decimate their every molecule
And make them pay the price
Force them down in stone cold fashion
Make sure they'll never rise
The time has come to forge the world anew
The threat has lifted
All shall be given to the deed of good
A power so gifted

Into the city of God
Redeeming all that's left behind
To free and absolve all those behind me
Behind me
Track Name: Eine Box (Mobile Shredding Unit)
Die Tür ist abgeschlossen
Kein Licht kommt hinein
Ich steh auf einer Plattform aus Glas
Aus den Wänden kommen
Wellen, die mich zum Verderben bringen
Die Venen werden explodieren

Keiner wird mich retten
Ich falle auf meine Knie und bete
Riesige Hitze verbrennt die Innereien
Ich kann nicht befreien

OPFER für die Götter

- Solo Huttunen

Ein Engel tätowiert sich mit meinem Blut
Meine Essenz ist die neue Farbe in dieser Box
Liebevoll dezimiert
Ich bin total vergessen geworden
Und der Teufel wird mich holen

Keiner hört mich
Lass mich raus, es ist vorbei
Die Plattform dreht sich weiter rum
Mein Gehirn entspannt sich
Und die Seele wird bald frei

OPFER für die Götter
Ich sehe nicht mehr aus wie einer Mensch
Gestorben in einer Mikrowelle, stell dir das mal vor!

Die Muskelkraft, der Motor meines Körpers
Siedet wie Wasser unter der Sonne
Und die Augen schmelzen im Kopf
Mein Gesicht kann man nicht mehr erkennen

Meine lieben Eier werden schön flüssig
Die Haut fault auf meinem Glied
Sogar das Wasser flieht von diesem Schicksal
Wenn meine Lungen brennen!
Ich hab heiße pulsierende Gefühle, die man nicht gleich merkt
Doch ich weiß, dass mein Gehirn überhitzt wird
Das Ende ist gekommen
Das Ende ... gekommen!
Track Name: Nothing to Live For
Stuck in limbo
The horrid circle by the shores of Acheron
Undressed totally by surprise
Never been more vulnerable
Now coming to the threatening reprise
And it's unstoppable

I can't erase
My mind anymore
The horror of light
Nothing to live for

Fearsome hounds watching my every move
Voices of torment echoing everywhere
I join the choir of souls and embrace the painful groove
Not a single sound in tune nor singing with joy in there
Every moment filled with pain and anxiety
Setting loose the beast that was tamed inside me
Every night I live my worst nightmare:
Being eaten by giant spiders with sharp pincers

I can't erase
My mind anymore
The horror and fright
Nothing to live for

How did it come to this?
How can this fear be so strong
Kicked me into the deep abyss
For all that I've done wrong
Thrusts it's lance in my heart time and time again
Always holds on, never lets go until I'm done with the rest

I have nothing to live for!

Not a single soul may leave this place It is forbidden by Him
Utterly helpless before the beasts
When the lights dim
And the absolute worst part
I cannot die anymore
Bound to know my fate by heart
With nothing to live for

- Solo Huttunen
- Solo Kämäräinen - Solo Huttunen
- Solo Kämäräinen
Track Name: Hellbound For Carnal Knowledge
Woke up with this
Puzzle box in my hand
A tune so pretty lured me to open it
Carnal knowledge from another dimension
What have I done
I'm torn to pieces

Hellbound for eternity DOMINATION
In a reality of pain TORTURE
Roller coaster of sodomy MUTILATION
The pleasures of the flesh are NEVER ENDING

- Solo Huttunen

Four cenobites claim my flesh
Sensory overload for ten decades
I am born again, from the pain I suffer
Now I realize I'm one of them
Track Name: Claim What is Yours
Let's go!

Down it came like a great avalanche
The fertile soil that was given to our lands
Taken away by the wrath of the Gods
Left us astonished to our methods so false
Then came an order from the mighty queen
Assemble your brothers, mighty men left unseen
Go forth now, make this kingdom complete
Find a cure, then bring it to me

Armed with a mythical force
Onward to the vibrant source
Many perils along the way
Disrupt each and every one and lead astray
NO FEAR to be remembered
Only heroes and tales of brave deeds
The withering land is unprotected
Now ends the need

Days fly by as Apollo himself
Rips the night-time
It's hot as hell
Being tempted by the comfort of eternal rest
Facing the demons of the final test
A huge and mighty hydra cuts the group in half
The fourty hungry heads
Eat away the fragile man
No oracle can help them now
The token must be found but
No one knows how

Armed with a mythical force
Onward to the vibrant source
Many perils along the way
Disrupt each and every one and lead astray
NO FEAR to be remembered
Nor a chance to find the way
Only the fear of being dismembered
Fuck that, let's do this anyway!

Struggling to keep up
No time to lose

- Solo Huttunen
- Solo Kämäräinen

Then a massive entrance
Stands before the remaining brave men
A mile wide labyrinth consealing the talisman of all elements
The fatigue is monstrous

And the turns make you insane
Until a beast with an axe and horns
Takes them down to the last man
The great plunge towards Hades' realm
Awaits all of them